Mind, Body, Spirit


"Don't let the world decide whether you need to kill yourself, or let them kill yourself for their approval. Live your life based on what the heart and soul desires; the only key to happiness other than humility" 


From age one we are taught how to look. How our bodies should look, how our faces should look. We see pretty pictures of supermodels and play with perfect little dolls. 90% of young girls in the US are more afraid of gaining weight than of war, getting cancer or losing their parents. We aren't selfish, we aren't shallow, just AFRAID.  Afraid of losing control of the one thing that belongs only to us, and solely to us, our bodies. We think to ourselves 'if i can just lose a few kilos/pounds then everything will be fine'. But it won't.







 Aimee Moore Before Anorexia:

 Aimee Moore after Anorexia:

Your body is sacred and you should respect it and love it. You will have that body forever, until you die. Therefore, might as well enjoy the beauty of it before you are gone. There are many people around the world that don't have a perfect body as yours. Maybe they don't have an arm, leg, or organs, or maybe they don't have food to eat and help their bodies grow and develop. Enjoy the opportunities you were given in your life. Respect your body and life's creation because it's the only sure thing you got in this world. Don't let your body get trapped in a cave where no one will see it, not even the sunlight.

However, first you have to have a healthy MIND. Once you control your mind into reality, you will be able to control your BODY. You will then have the body you always wanted; healthy!



There are countless of consequences from an eating disorder. I will not list them all because it is obvious what they are. We know that the more we do it the closer we get to our death. The less you eat the more weak your precious body gets. The more you throw up the more your body falls apart. You may think that nothing will happen to you, but sooner or later you WILL see signs. Then it will be too late and you will regret everything. You would of rather been FAT and DIE than to suffer. I've been having an eating disorder for about 4 years now and I'm starting to see many signs already; the teeth bleeding, hair loss, dry skin, loss of period,  my heart beats faster or slower out of nowhere (pretty scary), and I recently made my throat red, how awesome it feels! I can't even go to sleep from the great and wonderful pain I have. Is that what you want? Pain! Depression! Death! No!!!! Stop before it's too late, please stop. It's painful mentally and physically and when they both hurt, I'd rather be fat and dead than to feel the pain and be stuck in this endless road to hell!


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