Being a perfectionist, a person who wants to do everything on her own is something that can slowly kill a person. I've been through hell without the help of anyone who could really get me out of this hell. I wish I could of found a website like this when I was younger to stop me from going deeper into the caves full of thorns and fire that will torn your flesh and soul in seconds. I want my beautiful people to rise and be sunshines in the world. I can honestly say I've stopped my binging and bulimia cycle for three months on my own. However, I broke it two days ago and today, and I feel terrified. I'm having panic attacks and I'm losing my mind because I'd rather be dead than to live with an eating disorder. Therefore, my purpose is to help almost everyone with an eating disorder to get inspired and survive. Please my beautiful people listen to our words and forget the voices in your head. Your head is killing you right now, follow your heart. We need to help each other get over this, we all need each other's support on this.
With Love, Jen