Hi. This is my first time writing a blog post, I hope I can write a lot more in the future =]
First of all, welcome to our website and I hope you are enjoying it so far.

I've suffered from an eating disorder for almost 7 years. I know that i'm not that wise or experienced yet, but I've witnessed a lot and i've grown a lot throughout this whole experience and I just want to share the insight that I have gained into the world of EDs. So that's why I'm writing this blog now, to help share my knowledge and also to give my own opinions on matters I think are very important. I guess i'm quite passionate about eating disorder awareness. I think the lack of awareness and education on the subject is disgusting. I mean its not like the awareness doesn't exist, it would be very naive to think that there was no awareness, but most of it is distorted and confusing. 

And the whole 'pro-ana, pro-mia' thing. Uh don't even get me started. I hate those people. They are pathetic. They can give all the excuses they want but it doesn't justify what they are doing. They just hide behind the fact that they have a problem. Pro-anorexia? Thats just disgusting. Thats just so childish and ridiculous it makes me sick. They know that what they are doing is wrong but they don't care because they have a serious problem and nobody understands them. Grow up. If you think you have a right to do this to yourself then your wrong. You don't have a right to destroy yourself because it destroys other people too. There's no such thing as an anorexic lifestyle. Its not a way of life, its a disease. These people are making a mockery of a very serious illness and making it a million times harder for everyone who doesn't want to fall back into this trap. I do understand why they do it. I've been on the sites and i've watched the videos. But there is no excuse for making the rest of the world sick. I get so worried about friends I know who are trying to recover, to know that they are a few clicks away from deciding to start killing themselves again. I worry about little kids going on youtube or something and clicking a link that says 'thinspo', not knowing what it is and suddenly wanting a body that they are willing to kill themselves for. I don't understand how these people can live with knowing that they are making people sick. I would rather die. I would rather spend my life in horrible pain then think for one second that I am making someone anorexic. I just don't understand how they can sleep at night. 

It just makes me so upset that the whole world is obsessed with food and exercise and being a certain weight yet every single day while we are spending money on laxatives and diet pills, children are dying. Its sick. And everything I know about eating disorders I know from my experiences, the people I’ve met and the doctors I’ve talked to. Well, and the internet. But the internet can often tell you a lot of wrong information. Most people don’t have access to the right knowledge. There are so many people with eating disorders who don’t think its wrong. How sad is that? To be dying, and not even care. When I first started down the path of bulimia I didn’t know it was a bad thing. People threw up; it was just a fact of life. I didn’t know it was anything more than  ‘well the food that’s in my stomach is not there anymore’. I thought throwing up would be just like not eating, but you got to eat.  Maybe if I had been more educated about the consequences of eating disorders when I was younger then this wouldn’t have happened to me. 

 But the truth is we can hear "eating disorders a bad" a million times and still not care. I know that most schools do talk about eds, but what they are taught is just the facts, they just say "well don't do it". We need to educate people when they are young. We need to stop sending the message that you need to be thin to be beautiful. Most people can already tell there is pressure to be thin. We don't need more talks on that. And especially for guys, they don't have the opportunity to ask questions because they are afraid of being made fun of. So they definitely aren't aware enough. At the moment all we really have is basic knowledge, we have what we read on the internet and what our friends tell us. I don’t think that’s enough.